Client's Riddle

How to drive awareness and consideration of the new reverse wash system that delivers soft, touchable, voluminous hair that also inspires a social rallying cry?

Ariad's Insight

Create something as unique and ownable as the new reverse wash system like the #Reversie – a backwards selfie used to showoff the fabulous hair you get from using the reverse wash system. Why take a #Reversie and share your hair? To join the #VolumeRevolution, of course. The movement we will create to spread the word about soft, touchable, voluminous hair.


Between using reverse type for the #VolumeRevolution, the #Reversie in social, and inviting volume-seekers to join the revolution at salon takeovers with local celebrities Kaitlyn Bristowe from The Bachelorette and MariPier Morin from Hockey Wives, the new Reverse Wash System has become the big thing for big hair.


Sometimes a great event that speaks to your audience and gets them excited about a new product line isn’t enough to make it a success. Neither is a celebrity endorsement. But when you marry the two, with a personality that is authentically part of your audience, like Kaitlyn Bristowe, attends the event like everyone else, you have all the ingredients to get noticed.


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