Client's Riddle

How can travelcuts leverage their brand heritage as the source for cheap tickets and off-the-beaten-track travel, increase their brand appeal with the millennial traveler, and redefine their digital experience to become a “one stop online shop” for everything travel?

Ariad's Insight

Working closely with the travelcuts team, Ariad developed the strategy, creative, and technical development of the new travelcuts website, which focuses on inspiring and educating travelers by providing value trips with a twist. Fully responsive in design, the site received a drastic visual overhaul and a host of innovative features.

Understanding the desires of the millennial traveler through research-based insights, social features were built into every part of the Web experience. This allowed users to share destinations, packages and deals with their social networks.


The new website not only represents a new aesthetic for the travelcuts digital experience, but is also driving business. Since the redesign, the average time on-site has increased by nearly two minutes, and drop off rates have decreased by 30%.


Linked content from travelcuts partner Rough GuidesTM was implemented to provide customers with exciting facts to increase interest and tips and provide unique experiences within their destinations.


+ 2


the average time on-site has increased

- 30%


in drop-off rates to website visits. Which means people dig it. And we are happy about that ;-)

Infinitely Cooler Looking

The new website represents a new aesthetic for the travelcuts digital experience, and is driving business.

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