Client's Riddle

How do we heat up loyalty for the Knorr brand to drive business growth in Canada?

Ariad's Insight

Ariad developed the innovative ‘What’s for Dinner?’ program grounded in one key insight: At 4 p.m. each day, three out of four Canadians do not know what they are having for dinner. By providing engaging solutions to this dilemma along our target shopper’s path-to-purchase, Knorr became her inspirational cooking partner.

To get Knorr on our target shopper’s grocery list and into her top-dish repertoire, we designed digital initiatives that included a new website, Unilever’s first responsive email program, mobile iAds, digital rich media, and a direct-to-home piece that included a reusable grocery bag with a QR code driving to a new recipe each day of the year.


Award-winning ‘What’s for Dinner?’ Meal Ideas e-books were designed to help our target while she cooked in the kitchen. Pages within the e-books included social integration to encourage recipe sharing with family and friends.

In the end, the Meal Ideas e-book received 3.5M+ page views. Our email click rate was two times the industry average, and IAD views exceeded the industry benchmark by 71%.


Our mobile-integrated plan enabled shoppers to access recipes and convenient shopping lists across all in-store touchpoints, including easy-to-follow infographic recipe cards and QR codes on meal solution centres, at-shelf banners and recipe booklets.


3.5+ M

Page views

On the Meal Ideas e-book page


The industry average

click-through rates for emails we designed and deplayed


Higher than

the industry benchmark for IAD views

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