Degree DO:MORE™

Client's Riddle

How can we bring Degree’s global DO:MORE™ program to life in Canada to build brand relevance and awareness coast-to-coast?

Ariad's Insight

Ariad developed an inspiring video content program that profiled and celebrated some of Canada’s ultimate “doers” – those who defy boundaries and are stronger for it.

We found a dream team of doers: wounded Canadian veterans who had climbed the Himalayas the year before and were training for the 2013 Tough Mudder competition – a grueling 20K obstacle course.


With a completion rate of 64% and 760,000+ views to date, the video contributed to a 34.9% brand lift.


David Macdonald and Michelle Quinton-Hickey were followed as they prepared for the event, pushed past their injuries, then joined the rest of their team to tackle the Tough Mudder course.

Degree DO:MORE™


Completion Rate

740K +

Social Views


Brand Lift

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