Client's Riddle

How can Cambridge Global Payments use their corporate rebrand as an opportunity to redefine their digital identity and client experience and, at the same time, integrate multiple digital entities into one cohesive website?

Ariad's Insight

After multiple interviews with Cambridge employees Ariad developed a strategy, including design and content, and provided technical development for the new website.

Taking a UX-first approach, our team applied best-in-class development practices to ensure a highly-efficient, fully-responsive site. In addition to a new appearance, the site was linked with the Cambridge CRM system to deliver Web leads directly to its sales team to enhance their sales and marketing capabilities.


Our strategically informed creative and technical approach resulted in a website that not only meets the Omni channel needs of Cambridge’s clients, but also allows for a more effective sales and marketing team.


“Our client was inspired by imagery that was more abstract and really wanted to avoid anything that screamed “financial brand”. We decided to use images of bridges — a reflection of human ingenuity and technological marvel — to capture the essence of the Cambridge brand.”


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