Written by Ariad Communications on September 10, 2012
in Digital Marketing

What’s really motivating Pinterest users? That’s the topic of a fascinating piece by Carina Chocano in the The New York Times called “Pinterest, Tumblr and the Trouble With ‘Curation’.”

From a marketing perspective, what really got me was the idea of truly understanding the motivation behind online behaviour. As marketers, we often discuss what people do or don’t do online or in social media – less often do we arrive at a deep psychological understanding of the reasons for that behaviour.

Chocano has some interesting opinions on what motivates us to link and share. For example, she argues that if we focus on aspirational reasons for users posting, we’re missing the point. Chocano proposes that the reason people post is because they believe they are the things they post, not because these are things they want – that ultimately the product is less important than the feeling it gives the user when they post the product.

As a marketer, what I find exciting about these insights is imagining what we could do with this information and such rich and deep understanding about the true motivations of our customers, whether online or offline.


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