Written by Richard Marcil on June 25, 2014
in Healthcare Marketing, Technology

Thought this would make for good long-weekend reading…

Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft health apps have been all over the news of late. But what does it all mean for us, pharma marketers?

First, this is a real opportunity, giving us the ability to engage the PatientConsumer where everything happens, i.e. when she’s NOT at the doctor’s office or in pharmacy. Secondly, one of the key benefits of these apps is that we don’t have to worry about data protection and privacy. That’s Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft’s responsibility.

To cut through the hype, I’d suggest the following quick reads:

  1. Apple Health app – this will be coming to your iPhone in September, and it’s NOT vaporware; check out the screen shots; Google is also announcing Google Fit later this week
  2. How Apple Will Transform Pharma: Are We Ready? – a good read from MM&M; give developers the summer to work their magic; I’ll bet we’ll see a number of launches in the fall
  3. How mobile can drive down healthcare costs & improve care – a good piece from VentureBeat; from providers to payers to retailers, there’s significant economic interest is better managing the PatientConsumer

What’s both exciting (and, I’ll admit, a bit scary) about this technology is the pace at which it’s developing. All of the above are opportunities that are on our doorstep – the stuff is happening this fall, and if we are going to jump in, we have to be ready.The question is, will you be participating, or watching as others do it. Blood glucose tracking, caloric intake, pain scales, smoking patterns, respiratory exacerbations, nutrition, etc. – it can all be tracked.

Sure makes 2015/2016 planning a little more interesting…

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