Written by Carolyn O'Grady on June 5, 2014
in Brand Strategy, Customer Experience, Digital Marketing

I love to cook and am pretty confident when it comes to chopping and slicing my way through a recipe. But I remember when I was first finding my way around a kitchen, I was nervous about making a mistake. So, helping to develop the Knorr Kitchen Academy™, which launched last week, has been a project I could relate to.

We’ve been helping Knorr evolve the ‘What’s for Dinner?’ program with innovative content that helps to inspire and build confidence in home cooks.

And that’s where the core insight for the Knorr Kitchen Academy came from. We knew we had to help home cooks feel more comfortable in the kitchen, so that when it came time to plan and prepare family meals, they would feel confident using Knorr products and trust that these products would bring flavour to everyday meals.

How it works
So what is the Knorr Kitchen Academy? It’s a virtual academy housed on Knorr.ca that educates and inspires through Knorr products, tips and recipes – further helping home cooks to solve the ‘What’s for Dinner?’ dilemma. It delivers content through video and photographic recipes, all digestible in 15 seconds or less.

Content is accessible through:

  1. Watch & learn recipe videos: Inspiring 15-second videos that feature easy-to-make recipes.
  2. Pro Tip Videos: 15-second cooking tips by Knorr Chefs to help home cooks feel more comfortable in the kitchen.
  3. Meal Ideas Book: Flavourful dinner ideas, easy recipes and printable shopping lists.

Ultimately, we wanted to design the Knorr Kitchen Academy in a way that made it easy for home cooks to learn new skills, quickly. Via the Knorr Kitchen Academy, home cooks can do just that, while allowing Knorr the opportunity to educate about product versatility, deliver on credibility via Knorr Chefs, and reinforce the flavour that Knorr adds to everyday meals.

And me? Working on the development of the Knorr Kitchen Academy has inspired me to cook even more!

Become a kitchen pro today!

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