Written by Ariad Communications on September 17, 2012
in B2B Marketing

One day, each and every one of us will wake up, hit the snooze button on our alarm, feel a sensation starting in the pit of our stomach, and ask: Am I relevant?  What is my purpose?

This topic came up recently in a conversation I had with a friend who works at a major Canadian telco. In reinventing his role there, he has helped to define the broader value – and relevancy – of B2B Marketing within his organization.

“Changes started happening when we stopped asking how many leads did we deliver to sales today, and started asking, ‘What is our contribution to sales?’ ” he explained.

The desire to collect the most number of contacts in our Rolodex is about as old as the Rolodex itself, but the sexiness of the new marketing automation technology has taken its place and now drives the “my leads can beat up your leads” discussion.

Perspective is everything, of course. “We are now more operations focused and looking at how we can help support the care side of the organization,” he told me.  His department now strives to integrate their efforts within the organization, seeking out where the customer relationship is owned, and asking how marketing can support those efforts, which creates relevancy.

There is no doubt that marketing automation has value, but that value needs to be better aligned to serving the business – and the customer. “We are now focused on utilizing content to support education and training, looking at supporting relationships instead of continuously beating our heads against a brick wall at best, and spamming potential customers at worst.”

In an industry focused on customer retention, churn rates, and cost per acquisition, it makes sense that a content delivery system focused on customer experience is key.

The insight gained from this? If you are waking up feeling like your marketing efforts aren’t working, stop focusing on tactic-driven execution. Ask yourself: Am I adding value? What is my contribution? In so doing, it is possible to find a new way of working, to reinvent your purpose and to rediscover relevancy.

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