Written by Rachel Zunder on March 27, 2013
in Content Strategy

According to Nielsen, 27 million pieces of new content are shared online every day.  With so many messages buzzing around the Web, it’s important to remember why your content strategy should be consumer-focused: “The real marketing power of content comes when you focus not on helping the seller sell, but helping the buyer buy,” Mark Michaud, Senior Vice-President, Ariad Communications.

This week, I had the pleasure of participating in Ariad’s Social Media Week event,  “People-Focused Content,” presented by Ariad’s own Baron Manett, Senior Vice-President, Strategy and Jason Dojc, Senior Digital Strategist.  At the event, they demonstrated the importance of focusing your content strategy on the consumer.

Toronto’s iconic Second City set the proverbial stage as our host venue, driving home the presentation’s key message of people-focused content.  That content needs to be driven by the audience – whether it be in an improv setting like Second City, or in content marketing where a strategy is solidified through social media that puts its audience, the consumer, first.

Baron and Jason explained that, rather than simply deciding to advertise one’s brand or message via social media, the goal should be to provide meaningful content through the medium.  While it’s definitely important to maintain ­­­one’s competitive advantage and utilize the social sphere to the fullest, it is also important that the messaging your brand conveys is rich in substantive content. People-focused content.

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