Written by Colin Withers on March 25, 2015
in Creative

Here at Ariad, we love to showcase the creative work we do for our clients every day. Recently, we teamed up with OneTouch® to create this TV spot for the OneTouch Verio®. Check out the ad below.

Want a behind-the-scenes look at Ariad’s beautiful thinking? Here’s our Co-Creative Director Trevor Schoenfeld on the creative strategy behind the spot.

We believe that beautiful, creative content is an Ariad specialty. Brilliant content is about delivering the right information at the right time to enable conversations, strengthen relationships and build loyalty. In short, content can transform your customer relationships. And, choosing the right channel – in this case, television – comes directly from the strategy (oddly enough, that’s where great results come from too). Whether it’s television, digital, email, print, or activation, we’re 100% channel agnostic. What we aren’t agnostic about is our belief that understanding the customer comes first and foremost, and that the combination of strategy and creative produces beautiful thinking. The OneTouch Verio® TV spot is just our most recent example.

Colin Withers is the Brand & Communications Manager for Ariad Communications.

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