Written by Richard Marcil on November 1, 2016
in Consumer Behaviour, Healthcare Marketing

comScore put out a terrific report last week titled 2016 Global Digital Future in Focus. I highly recommend you download and scan through it.

Two things stuck out in the report:

  1. How quickly and significantly customer behavior and information consumption continue to change, i.e. patients and HCP’s
  2. We must rethink engagement to match these new information consumption patterns across channels, platforms, devices, etc.

Fundamentally, a better understanding of how different user demographics and content categories have adjusted to the multi-platform world drives better acquisition, engagement, and retention.  And while mobile-only usage is growing, particularly among younger consumers, multi-platform usage is the norm.

This requires that marketers understand their customer journeys well beyond the traditional qualitative and ethnographic-based methods used in most brand planning. We need to understand touchpoints in great detail, including device/platform choice (and what other key indicators influence that choice), physical location, time of day, etc.

This may sound overly complicated – but it’s not with the latest marketing technology. I sat through a number of presentations at Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference a couple of weeks ago, and it’s remarkable how powerful marketing automation tools have become. As long as they’re enabled by both broad and specific journey inputs, marketing automation technology uses data to drive action.

Why should you care?  First, marketing automation provides a platform to efficiently deliver engaging content that turns prospects into customers and keeps them coming back.  Second, marketing automation goes a long way in solving the marketing attribution riddle and allows for continuous ROI optimization.

Check out Eli Lilly’s work with Salesforce and their take on the decline of “mass”, the difference between patient focused and patient-centric, and testing-and-learning in mobile.  It’s good to see a Big Pharma organization embrace the technology to enable new customer strategies and enhance current ones.

Your move?  Challenge the 2017 business plan you’ve just put to bed.  Does it truly meet the real-time needs of your patients or HCP’s?  Does it engage at the right micro-moments, in the right channel, at the right time, with the right message?  If the answer is no, the good news is that there is a solution to your problem.

Richard Marcil is the General Manager of Ariad Health.

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