Written by Ken Easson on October 1, 2015
in Brand Strategy, Digital Marketing

I’m often frustrated when searching for companies and products online, only to be met with chaff results.

The generic name trend among product and business branding makes searching for support, reviews, or where to buy a frustrating ordeal. Names or prefixes like “Blue” or “Box” or “Fast” might be trendy, but no matter how great your SEO is, it’ll still get lost in digital search results.

It makes some sense to name your products and services after things that are common and easily identifiable: Hearing the name will help customers identify the purpose of the product or business. But if the name is so generic or minimal that it leaves people scratching their heads when searching for it, any benefit of a descriptive name will go directly out the window.

Recently, Ariad’s own Creative Director, Trevor Schoenfeld, was involved in the rebrand of an insurance company. During the exercise he developed a unique, highly searchable name that was specifically selected for its memorable qualities (repetitive use of vowels; short in length; unexpected for the category). The name wasn’t descriptive of the product or experience in any way, but it sounded inviting and was easily identifiable and easy to search. Searching for the name wouldn’t result in its customers digging furiously through pages of unrelated search terms.

Autocorrect isn’t always helpful. For example, there is a recent trend for music groups to use names that are misspelled common words (Remember the Monkees?). Until your brand is successful, the digital world will try to convince you that you meant something else (“Did you mean monkeys?”) or it will automatically correct the word for you. This can render your brand invisible.

The solution? Create a unique and potent word that describes your business or product. Make sure it’s memorable and easy to spell. You’ll still need SEO to get your products into search engines, but once it’s there – it’s easy to find.

Ken Easson is a Senior Developer at Ariad Communications.

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