Written by Baron Manett on January 20, 2015
in White Papers

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Losing customers during onboarding is something that we see all too frequently, across all business verticals. We even have a special name for it: premachurn™.

It’s a failure with potentially huge cost implications. First, there’s the money and effort spent acquiring customers who never fully become customers. Then there’s the long-term cost — the potential value of those customers to your company over their lifetime.

Fortunately, premachurn is a problem that can be addressed without a massive enterprise transformation or technology project that can take years to deliver — and marketers are just the people to do it. Why marketers? Because they have precisely the skills, insights and tools needed to fix premachurn, namely:

  • A singular view of brand, customer and user experience
  • The ability to create compelling experiences and interactions throughout a customer journey
  • The knowledge of what it takes to not only acquire but also keep customers and ultimately turn them into brand advocates

If you’re a marketer, you owe it to your business — and yourself — to take the lead on fixing premachurn. And our white paper, Suffering from premachurn? How to fix onboarding, keep customers, and get more from your marketing dollars, will show you how.

Baron Manett is SVP, Strategy at Ariad Communications.

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