Written by Baron Manett on June 9, 2014
in Content Strategy

Songza named one “5 Companies that Transformed Advertising in 2013″ — Forbes 

This is the year of Content (as predicted from last year, and the year before that, and the year before that….) proving as dynamic and exciting as ever.  My colleague Sandy Marshall over at Second City Communications and I are thrilled and excited to co-chair the 2014 CMA Content Marketing Show.  I’m excited at the talented folks that will be coming together on June 25 in Toronto to discuss, learn and share how they are approaching marketing with content today.  One of our speakers that I am excited to learn from is Vanessa Thomas and her team at SongzaI had the chance to sit down with Vanessa to learn more about the work Songza is leading and why she’s so excited about Songza, music and the power of context.
A quick look and listen to Songza and you see very quickly that context is at the heart of their value offering. As Vanessa states, “…if 15 years ago we had thought that in the future we would be able to access millions of songs in real time from our phones (our phones!) we would not have believed it.”  And today, we have phones, tablets, watches, as well as increasing internet speed and access. Each person can be a DJ — anytime, anywhere.  Now the challenge will be choice and how we find and consume our music. How do you choose when we now have limitless possibilities? We need help!  Enter Vanessa and her fine folks at Songza.

Not only am I huge music fan and thus a hardcore user of Songza, but as a content marketer I am thrilled at the opportunities for collaboration and brand ideas when we can understand someone’s mood, motivation and passions. Songza has got this down.  The company’s concierge music approach provides utility based on a simple of understanding of what I am looking for in my music: “Cooking with Frends” or “Weekend BBQ“. Songza: it’s human music curators and it’s software, help me navigate my way to the right content, at the right time, in my preferred channel — no wonder they are on fire as a company!

Vanessa explains the company’s approach in such a stimple way, “Songza is lifestyle service.” Simple, right? How many times have we searched for the right music, only to find ourselves still looking 30 minutes later? Perhaps we have too much choice and Songza’s approach brings context to the rescue so that we can enjoy the content we are looking for. Songza’s thinking really puts the exciting ways of employing content through context in our grasp immediately and adds value immediately. Also, in case we are wondering, “how do you we know that it’s working?” Let’s check Songza’s audience numbers: almost 3 million monthly unique visitors, 80% monthly user retention, on 1 in 4 smart phones in Canada — the audience is listening and pleased.

I’m excited to learn more at this year’s CMA Content Marketing ShowThe rest of our line-up is just as exciting and will help us all when we are back at our desks that next day. Thanks to Songza for allowing me to have the perfect playlist for when I need it and how I’m feeling. Now time for me to get back to my Classic Reggae Covers mix. What’s your favourite playlist? 

See you on June 25!

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