Written by Ariad Communications on October 29, 2012
in Digital Marketing

“Originality is overhyped,” “2012 was NOT the year of mobile,” and “Internet ad spend will overtake TV by 2016” are just a sample of the powerful thought-starters discussed at this week’s much-anticipated Digital Day Conference 2012, held in Toronto.

Presented by Marketing magazine and the Canadian Marketing Association, Digital Day was an exciting mash-up of Canadian and international industry experts, best-in-class presenters, and candid consumers discussing all things digital.

Key takeaways

While there is no way to cover everything mentioned, here are some of the highlights:

  • Things don’t ‘go’ digital anymore, they start digital.
  • Digital is NOT a category. We should not be referring to print, digital and TV as separate categories- EVERYTHING is digital!
  • Originality is overhyped – focus instead must be on original execution.
  • Email marketing is alive and healthy.
  • Successful innovation is when the consumer sees something new and recognizes it even though they’ve never seen it before.
  • 2012 was not the year of mobile. We can do better with mobile advertising; however, there is still a gap between effort expended and the public’s willingness to receive information through this channel.
  • Don’t market to people, market to context. Who you are, where you are, and who you are with are all context.
  • Instead of looking for the next big thing, we should be seeking the next great ecosystem.
  • We must understand the complexity barrier: the point at which consumer frustration overtakes the benefit intended to be gained.

For more insight into the day as it played out, search #digital12 on Twitter (note- Panelist sock choice was a hot topic!).


Ariad’s own Senior Vice President, Baron Manett, moderated an innovative panel of super fans. Fan-demonium brought the drivers of social media streams to the stage where they provided relevant and unique insights.

They recommended the following social media best practices: know your audience, be engaging/interactive and create integrated campaigns across all platforms. While there are an overwhelming number of places for brands to live in the digital sphere, it is about strategy, listening to the consumer and finding ways to stand out rather than adding to the clutter.

What’s next?

  • Content personalized for consumers and their device.
  • Cross-device storytelling.
  • Ability to reach 100% of the buying audience.
  • Future is mobile and video.

Industry leaders currently getting it right include:

In the words of @Shingy– be reactive, be relevant and be remarkable.


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