Written by Jason Dojc on September 8, 2014
in Advertising

Live Green Toronto, an agency of the City of Toronto produced a series of ads taking various brand packaging and having them spell less than flattering names for litterbugs. By many accounts, it was a clever, edgy campaign that created a lot of buzz. It also resulted in cease and desist letters from the brands portrayed in the ads on the basis of trademark infringement. Now while the brands weren’t being explicitly shamed, litterers were, the legal departments and brand managers of the affected brands didn’t like the association of their logos with the misdemeanor of littering so they took the appropriate legal action and the ads were pulled.


Thing is, when this kind of legal action is taken, it often results in even more exposure for the ads. So how about following up with content. Encourage recycling. Talk about the more environmentally friendly packaging innovations. Encourage responsible use (the way alcohol makers create don’t drink and drive ads). Turn this incident into an opportunity to build goodwill among your consumers.

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