Written by Colin Withers on December 25, 2014
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Ariad Gives Back

To celebrate Ariad’s 25th anniversary, we have given away $25,000 to ten different charitiesAriadites were divided into ten teams who worked together to independently choose a charity that would receive $2,500.The charities are all Toronto-based, and are small enough to see their $2,500 donation have a real impact on their mission. In these posts, we will highlight each charity to share their story and show why they were selected by our team.


PAWS was established in 1972 by a group of animal lovers who wanted to assist animals in need. They proudly enforce a strict no-kill policy, while providing a unique free-roam shelter where homeless, abandoned and abused animals are given safe haven – indefinitely. PAWS offers exceptional care to the animals in our charge that is second to none.

PAWS has never considered any animal ‘unadoptable’ and they do not give up on those with special needs (they have many wonderful success stories to prove it). PAWS spares no expense to save a life as the special souls who come to them are all individuals. As a registered charity, PAWS receives no government funding and relies solely on donations from individuals and organizations.

Ariad is proud to support PAWS through our $2,500 Ariad Gives Back holiday charity drive donation. It was truly been an honour to celebrate our 25th anniversary with the 10 local charities selected, and to have every Ariadite participate in the giving.

Finally, we’d like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season!


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Colin Withers is the Brand & Communications Manager at Ariad Communications.



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