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    Patient360Icon2_smToday’s PatientConsumers are more empowered than ever before. They are taking on more of their own health decisions and engaging with sources of advice outside the doctor’s office, everything from “Dr. Google,” to online forums, to support groups. And with lengthy wait times and shorter patient visits, PatientConsumers are proactively seeking information from these sources at an increasing pace.1

    Not surprisingly, as the patient has evolved, so has the patient journey. Patient journeys no longer follow phases or stages along a linear path. So what does this mean to healthcare brands?

    It means that if you are not present at the points where patients are making decisions on their journey, you are leaving opportunities on the table. 

    To truly engage the PatientConsumer and affect both attitude and behaviour, you need to know the patient’s true journey. You need a 360° perspective that looks beyond  the HCP. It can help PatientConsumers get to a faster diagnosis, switch to a better treatment or extend treatment for better results.


    We can help you get that 360° perspective. Our innovative PatientConsumer360 sessions bring together real patients and key HCP players in a structured setting where we can explore the many touch points, events and stakeholders that influence PatientConsumer thinking and decisions about their health. By giving the PatientConsumer primacy of voice and inviting key HCP players to interact with them, we can fill in information gaps, correct misperceptions and ultimately forge stronger relationships with patients.

    PatientConsumer360 reveals their real journey and helps your brand engage, activate and succeed!

    What we’ve learned so far from our explorations into PatientConsumer 360:
    • Linear journeys are limited and don’t generally allow for meaningful activation
    • There are often significant disconnects between the PatientConsumer journey and the HCP
    • For many patients, non-pharmacological support before, during and after treatment can enhance brand engagement
    • Brands too often trivialize the role and the opportunity of engagement at pharmacy level
    “These are the best, most actionable journey maps I’ve ever seen.”

    “PatientConsumer360 is a MUST DO for all brands.”

    “I really like the 360 approach… it takes into account the touch points and key players for PatientConsumers in addition to their thinking, feeling and actions.”

    What makes PatientConsumer360 so invaluable is the convergence of insights between patient and HCPs. From there, Ariad reconciles discrepancies and identifies opportunities for your brand in a strategic and actionable plan.

    1. The New Reality of Marketing in Healthcare: Zero Moment of Truth Validates the Need for Consumer Education. AllenCommunication, March 2014.

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